WordPress Hosting Platform Designed To Scale With Your Growth

With years of experience from the industry we've build a WordPress hosting platform which will take WordPress hosting to a whole new standard.



Built On Premium Infrastructure

Wuugly utilizes Google Cloud Platform and its “premium tier” network to fulfill its infrastructure requirement, GCP allows us to scale our infrastructure easily so that we can handle your high-load requirements pretty much instantly.

   SSH & WP-CLI Access

Easily manage your Wuugly WordPress website through SSH and WP-CLI tool for free.

   Full SSD Storage Only

Our entire infrastructure is built on Google Cloud Platform's premium solid-state storage by default.

   Inbuilt CDN Coming Soon

Speed up your WordPress by integrating our premium content data network with your WordPress site.

Feature Packed Platform

We have carefully built our entire platform to offer you as many features possible because we want you to full control over your WordPress site, we also seriously consider feature requests by our users and try our best to implement them as soon as possible.

   Simple User Interface

Wuugly offers a really simple and agile user interface built carefully for better user experience.

   Easy Staging & Cloning

Clone or create a full staging version of your WordPress in just a click, securely and quickly.

   Themes & Plugins Manager

Install, manage and update thousands of WordPress themes and plugins easily at Wuugly.

   Multilayer Adaptive Caching

Our in-house caching systems will ensure that your WordPress site always remains blazing fast.

   PHP 7 and HTTP/2 Support

Our platform supports the latest version of PHP 7 and we enable HTTP/2 by default on all accounts.

   Easy Backups & Snapshots

We take regular backups and let you take backups on your own or create quick snapshots of your WP site.

Enterprise Security System

We take the security of our platform and infrastructure very seriously and we have appropriate security measures in place to ensure that we are able to prevent any kind of cyber attack before it causes any sort of disruption.

   WordPress Hardening

Harden you're existing WordPress site in just a click and make your WordPress installation fully secure.

   Web Application Firewall

Our advance inbuilt WAF can block all malicious connection before they hit your WordPress instance.

   Free SSL Certificates

Deploy free SSL Certificates powered by Let's Encrypt instantly within a single click.

   Regular Security Audits

We conduct regular security audits of our platform and we also have a responsible discloser program.

   Two Factor Authentication

Enable an extra layer of security for your Wuugly account easily in just a click with our 2FA system.

   Regular Malware Scans

Our system conducts daily full malware scans on all WordPress sites hosted in Wuugly.

Your Wuugly Account

When you sign up with us you just don't sign up for a regular WordPress hosting, your Wuugly account has also got a lot of features to offer you which includes our fantastic WordPress support and tons of other account features and upcoming free perks.

   Phenomenal Support

Our support team is just a click away, we are always around the clock to help you with your service.

   Free WordPress Migrations

Migrate your WordPress site from other hosts to Wuugly easily via our automatic migration tool.

   Free Team Accounts

Create and manage multiple team accounts to allow your coworkers to access your Wuugly service.


We are constantly adding new features every day, join our beta today and try Wuugly for free until our beta lasts.

We're inviting new users every day to try our platform for free of cost under our private beta program, sign up today to get access to Wuugly before our public launch.